Nomad V.2 fundraising & video update

Since our opening last fall, between the usual school madness, we were able to get Nomad fully electrically inspected with batteries and PV in operation, along with a state-of-the-art platform where we can monitor and dynamically switch the house’s power source on a web platform – check out the updates on the Exploring Alternatives video.

Giving Tuesday
We are quickly approaching Giving Tuesday (December 3rd), where donations received on that specific day gets matched by x2 by the University. As we plan to build the second generation of the Nomad, we hope to make the best use of this amazing fundraising opportunity. 


(Please wait and donate on December 3rd! Funds won’t be matched otherwise)

Case for Northern Nomad v.2
The second house, in addition to the first, is imperative for the study of small-scale smart grid system where the interplay of generation and storage across multiple houses will offset the need to tap into the electrical grid at all. Having multiple generation and storage capacities increases the system’s resiliency, and is a major way we will reach carbon-neutrality in operating our buildings. The concept is there but more research needs to be done before our homes can be safely and reliably connected to local micro-grids.